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NSG 438 静電気シミュレータ機能向上


アメテックコンプライアンステストソリューションズのEMCエミッション及びイミュニティ試験機器及びシステムのリーディング開発ブランドテセックより機能が向上させたNSG 438 静電気放電(ESD)シミュレータをご提供します。市場初、ピストル上のカラータッチパネルよりさらに簡単に設定及び機能の変更が可能となりました。このユニークは新機能はNSG 437にも搭載されています。

NSG 438

The upgraded NSG 438 is easy to use and offers the longest battery life of any ESD simulator on the market, with over 30'000 discharges at 30 kV on a single battery charge. A unique activity log showing the types and number of ESD simulations is also built into the unit, allowing the user to easily scroll through the touch screen to check what has been tested and in what timeframe.

The NSG 438 is ideal for use in ESD testing of automobiles and their subassemblies as well as ESD testing of all consumer electronics and white goods, information technology, medical and industrial equipment. The NSG 438 offers an optional integrated discharge relay circuit to dissipate residual voltage in conventional ESD testing and ungrounded equipment under test (EUT) applications.

Parameter settings for the NSG 438 include polarity selection, freely adjustable pulse repetition rate, and counter functions as well as discharge detection. The complete range of these parameters remains fully available up to the maximum discharge voltage of 30 kV.

The ISO 10605 compliant unit makes testing EUTs safe and efficient, while fulfilling virtually all automotive, commercial and industrial test standard requirements, including IEC 61000-4-2. For extra safety, an emergency stop switch is built into the unit.

Key Features

  • Discharge voltage: 200 V to 30 kV (in 100 V steps)
  • Battery life over 30,000 discharges at 30 kV
  • Easily and quickly interchangeable discharge networks
  • Includes 150 pF/330 Ohm discharge network
  • Over 60 optional discharge networks, custom values upon request
  • Three operating modes: single, repetitive, random
  • Built-in ISO self-calibration


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